Week 3

Konichiwa Minasan!
This week has been amazing. The MTC is filled with the spirit. It's so uplifting here. It helps so much when I feel discouraged to be surrounded by such sugoi examples.
Although, I was super frustrated with the chorotachi in our zone last Sunday. It was all of our Senpai's last Sunday with us. We all got the opportunity to watch the Testament in Nihongo. I love that movie. I remember watching it for FHE (thanks mom and dad haha). But it really was kind of the first time I understood what Christ has done for me. So I love it. They were all cracking jokes and being so disrespectful. The part where Christ appears to the Americas, an Elder started clapping. I was so hurt. Here we are watching a video about Jesus Christ, our Savior, and they are completely disrupting the spirit. I was kind of angry and disappointed in them. But I realized I was in the wrong. I was judging them and I didn't have the pure love of Christ with me. So I prayed to have feel that love for them. My prayer was answered. It's amazing how capable we are of loving people, if we ask for help and try to- even if they have wronged you.
Yesterday we got to hear a devotional from Elder Pino of the seventy. He shared a message about how sacred our call serve as a missionary is. I loved it. He said we are called to a higher standard. We must not only memorize our purpose in our minds, but also in our hearts. I am striving to do that!
This last week my doryo and I had two of the most amazing lessons with our kyudosha, Nishio San. The first one we started teaching him the first lesson. I said that God loves him and knows him. He replied and said, "If God loves me, why does he make us go through hard things? Why did my wife have two miscarriages?" He said "Before my wife had two miscarriages, I believed in God. But now I don't." He was in tears and My companion and I both broke down in tears. It broke my heart. I felt so much love and pain for him. All I thought to do was just testify that Jesus Christ could help him. That he loved him. By the end of the lesson we committed him to pray to feel God's love for him. We asked him if he thought he believed he could know of God's love. And he said yes. The next lesson we knew we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation. Yesterday was the coolest experience. We showed him the Mormon message video, Mountains to Climb (it's an amazing video) I got to tell testify to him that I know he will see his children again. And that Jesus Christ felt every heartache, sorrow, and pain we have felt and will ever feel. I got to testify that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he can be comforted. Nishio San and I were both in tears. I felt the spirit burning within me. I haven't ever felt the spirit that strong before. It was amazing. Moments like that make every uncomfortable thing I have to do here SO worth it.
I have been studying the Atonement more this week. And I have truly felt my testimony and relationship with Christ grow stronger. The Atonement is central to God's plan. I am eternally indebted to my Savior. For everything he has done for me. Even though I am serving him, he continually pours out blessings. This gospel is true. Although I miss you all at home, I love being here. I get to be a part of furthering the Lord's work and helping the people in Japan come unto Christ! What a great opportunity it is. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for this opportunity!
Dad: Thank you for always sending me Dear Elders. They strengthen me so much. It always makes my day. I hear you put a sink in! That's subarashii!
Mandi: I hear you did so well at dance! I am so proud of you!
Mom: Do you have the Plan of Salvation visual? Also, How was learning a language for you?
I hope all is well in good ol' Plain City! haha I love you all!
ひらの しまい 

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